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Call Her Clothes Minded

Manifest Boutique owner Rylee Bowman has entered the world of fashion designing. She is debuting her first line at The Bureau Fashion Week(formerly The Society Fashion Week), part of the New York Fashion Week, on Sept. 8.

Photos courtesy of Rylee Bowman

Rylee has always wanted to be a designer and has used Manifest Boutique as her fashion outlet until now. “I think personality shows through clothes,” she says. “I’m not a bland girl and I want to show that off.”

The first line of Rylee B Fashion is called “I Am Woman,” which is all about women empowerment. It features 15 pieces and eight looks, all American made. Rylee sketched the designs and worked with a team of seamstresses in L.A. to produce the final products. It includes a belt she now holds a patent for, one meant to go under joggers and make your waist look extra snatched.

Rylee says her inspiration behind the “Toxic” looks was always hearing women labeled as toxic for no reason.

Pictured: Rylee Bowman and model Stephanie Lugo.

The line has been a year in the making, and Rylee hopes it’ll end up in Nordstrom or Saks Fifth Avenue. She’s already working on her next line.

Did we mention she’s only 19?

“You don’t have to live in a big city to live big dreams,” says Rylee. “Sometimes you have to fake it til you make it.” See more of the looks here.

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