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Thanks to Brittany and Oresti Arsi, there’s a new place to go for things you can’t pronounce. After operating Meat & Greek Food Truck from Moore County to the Triangle for a little less than a year, the couple has expanded their offerings to a stationary location in downtown Southern Pines — Meat and Greek Eatery and Market.

Oresti grew up bussing and waiting tables in his family’s restaurant, Corfu Taverna, in the downtown Southern Pines space that is now Chapman’s. Oresti waited on Brittany’s table, got her number, and the rest was history. (And yes, while all Greeks know each other, Oresti isn’t related to any other local Mediterraneans).

After moving to be closer to Oresti’s family in Naples, Fla. — and having kids of their own — the couple moved back to Moore County with a plan for mobile income via the Meat and Greek Food Truck.

“The food truck was getting really busy, and catering was getting really busy — we just needed more space,” Oresti says. “We were also getting requests for certain items that were very hard to find, and very hard to cook in a small food truck kitchen.”

The truck will remain up and running, but the new location will offer everything from spanakopita to dolmathes to moussaka and bifteki sliders, served lunch-counter style. Reverie cocktails, Railhouse Brewery and SPBC will be on tap.

The other side of the building will serve as a market, with everything from family portions ready to heat and serve to Greek beer, crackers and cookies.

We can’t wait to crack open a bottle of wine at the community table, complete with money tree for good luck.

Follow the new venture on Facebook or Instagram — and get a sampling of the menu at our Big Fat Greek Tasting this Sunday.

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