In GoThiSway

We spent some time avoiding our responsibilities and exploring the new Visit NC Farms app — here’ what we’ve learned so far.

1. You can find a list of restaurants that source from local farms.

Yes, that’s right. You can finally put an end to the “where should we eat” debate that is bound to happen when you get in the car for a dinner outing.

2. There are more than 8 “U-Pick” Farms in the area.

We’ve yet to discover where we can pick fresh pepperoni, but in the mean time, you can ball out on allll those local fruits and veggies.

3. The Visit NC Farms app can make all of your baby goat dreams come true.

You’ve seen them on Instagram and according to the Visit NC Farms app, you can see them in real life at Happy Goat Ranch in Carthage.

4. It’s possible to ditch your kids for the weekend and stay local.

The Visit NC Farms app offers a full list of farms that offer overnight lodging in the area so you can get away without veering too far away from the homestead.

5. You can schedule a birthday party on a farm.

Just browse through the app’s special events list to see what farms are featured as venues for birthday parties, family reunions and day camps. Yee haw, boys and girls.

6. Some local farms offer educational facilities.

Lighterwood Farm in West End has an outdoor classroom where students can learn about the history of the North Carolina Sandhills, and you can hold and feed goats, donkeys and cows at Dunn’s Educational Farm in Robbins.

The Visit NC Farms app is free in any smartphone app store, so get to downloading.

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