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Don’t Worry Be Cappy 

Did you know that Moore County has a Capybara? Do you even know what a capybara is? We didn’t either until our algorithm became haunted with funny content on the strange looking overgrown guinea pigs. These semi-aquatic creatures are actually giant rodents native to South America. They are pretty resilient but prefer warmer climates.

So where can you see one? Dunrovin Country Store in Vass has a rescued animal sanctuary behind the store. There are mostly birds but you can find a variety of other animals including bunnies, snakes, monkeys and the capybara. His name is Pistachio and he just turned two years old. He came to Dunrovin because he is a runt and also has a tooth deformity that made him unfit for the wild and a regular zoo. Pistachio currently weighs around 55 pounds. Full grown cappys can get up to 175 pounds.

See a video of us petting Pistachio (be jealous) on The Sway IG.

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