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Carole Soxman in her home in Seven Lakes. Her husband, the official taste tester, calls her ‘My Sweet’ — hence the business name.

If you’ve ever dreamed about having a kitchen just for chocolate — specifically, for processing 300-400 pounds of chocolate on a regular basis — then Carole Soxman is living your dream.

Carole hand-crafts thousands of chocolates from her home in Seven Lakes West, all of which look too perfect to be hand-crafted. But you’d never find flavors like dark chocolate espresso, or ghost pepper, in a Russell Stover box.

So. Satisfying.

Carole has been making chocolate since 2007. Like most businesses, it started as a hobby. Unlike many businesses, it continues to grow exponentially. It wasn’t until her business was off the ground that she realized that her great-grandfather had been a chocolatier; she now proudly proclaims that chocolate is in her blood.

You can find My Sweet Handcrafted Chocolates behind the counter of several local businesses, and at events like food pairings and wine tastings. She’s the official chocolate of Penick Village (they have their logo stamped into her bars) and she also makes treats for Charles Schwab. Because it’s handmade, she can incorporate almost any flavor you’d like — basically, just don’t try to hold her back.

Read more and see where to find My Sweet Handcrafted Chocolates here.

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