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If you want to browse the Yum Yum Chocolate counter at Design Market of the Sandhills, you better bring your A-game.

Owner and chef Michael Hopkins didn’t do a whole lot of advertising when he opened the Yum Yums retail shop. Regardless, he still sells out almost every weekend.

The shop is only open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Sometimes, customers will still start lining up 15-20 minutes beforehand in hopes of laying eyes on a full case.

Here you’ll find lemon cheesecake tartlets (delicious), chocolate-covered bacon (middle, also delicious), chocolate Yum Yum cakes, chocolate graham cookies and chocolate troughs. Michael gave us a few samples, and wow. Just wow.

Think you can finesse your way to the front of the line? You thought wrong. We know from experience that this crowd is serious about their chocolate, and they have no time for line jumpers. Apparently, we’re all friends until someone’s chance of snagging a piece of chocolate-covered bacon is in jeopardy

We stole this pic of these Yum Yums chocolate troughs (or, we’re referring to them as dessert hotdogs) from the Design Market’s Instagram.

Michael opened the retail shop in an attempt to decrease his hours to working just 60 per week. Selling the confections himself cuts out the middle man and commission.

Though Michael says he could, he doesn’t really want expand his shop or business. For him, it’s not about the money — it’s about his love of baking.

“If this got any bigger, I wouldn’t really want to come to work anymore,” he says.

Check out his booth at the Design Market of the Sandhills, located at 3086 Hwy 5 in Aberdeen. Not one for crowds? Find out where else to pick up Yum Yum Chocolates here.

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