In HearSway

Check out these awesomely cheesy shorts from The Pilot, featuring Casino Guitars and The County Bookshop. The moral of these stories? Your in-store price comparisons aren’t as smooth as you think. Oh, and shopping local helps maintain a unique and vibrant community we all want to live in.

Speaking of Local…

Miss our profiles on local musicians? Here’s another chance to read more about the folks behind the soundtrack to your drunken Friday nights. Links below:

Abigail Dowd :: Acoustic on the Rocks :: Barren to Beauty :: Becca Rae :: Chemical Lizards :: Faith Bardill :: Frankie Moree :: Jason Damico :: Jen Hillard :: Kyle Garris:: Magpie Thief :: Mama Molasses :: The Unsung :: Tony Barnes :: Tyler Godfrey :: Whiskey Pines 

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