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Sure, our local Walmart (which is scary year-round, tbh) has everything you need to be a sexy pirate beer wench, again. But why not think outside the box and save some dough? Here are some ideas that will do both:

1. Grab a white T-shirt and paint a red bullseye on the front. Boom, you’re what everyone wants.

2. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and dust a bunch of corn starch on your head. Congrats, you’re a Betsy’s Crepe.

3. Decorate your arms with a sharpie and carry a bottle of juice cleanse. Hey, you’re one of those “tattooed punks” at Nature’s Own!

4. Put on a cowboy hat and a cardboard box and get a huge line of people to follow you down the street. You’re a food truck rodeo.

5. Wear a whistle around your neck and interrupt crowds of people at random intervals. Choo-choo, you’re now the Amtrak.

6. Dress in black and stand outside a gas station begging for treats. Oink, you’re now Porkchop, the runaway potbelly pig who spent months terrorizing U.S. 1.

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