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Need to up your landscaping game? Selling your home is even easier when the outside is looking as fresh and clean as the inside. Here are a few tips from Rhodes and Co. realtor Pat Phillips on how to get that yard looking like a ten.

Create focal points.

Include something eye catching in your yard, but make sure it’s actually scaled to your space. A giant slip ‘n slide would make a nice focal point if a 8 year old kid was purchasing your home, but that’s most likely not the case.

Understand your plants.

That knockout rose bush has feelings, too. Okay? Make sure you’re choosing plants that thrive in the climate in which you live. There’s nothing worse than a sad looking plant.

Create some interest.

Don’t be vanilla. Add some textures like rocks, ground covers or stones to make things a little more interesting.

Don’t overcrowd.

If you’re working with a small area, make sure you aren’t including too many different types of plants that make the space look too busy.

Create an outdoor space.

Not only does an outdoor space like a deck or a patio add to the appearance of your yard, but it also increases your return investment significantly.

Make it unique.

Don’t forget to add your own style to your landscaping by including elements like wind chimes, bird feeders or swings. It’s important for your yard to look neat, but it should also have a little creativity.

Need more inspiration? Hit up Pat Phillips at Rhodes & Co.

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