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The Dog Days of Summer

Since we’re in the dog days of summer, we figured you needed a list of good boys and girls to follow. Here are six local dogfluencer accounts for your dose of pawsome content: 

  • Holden The Golden: This famous pooch moved to Pinehurst a few months ago. In addition to supplying smiles, he’s an expert cuddler and will say hi to anyone in the street. We know, we met him. 
  • Rouge: This Belgian Malinois likes taking long walks on the straw, and can even be spotted visiting Rec Room. 
  • Rosie and Ranger: This is a two-for-one special where you can see two cuties for the price of one. Rosie is a golden retriever born with a cleft palette, which just makes boopin’ her snoot even cuter.
  • Milo and Murphy: These two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels can be found wearing fashionable bandanas and exploring the Sandhills. 
  • Harper, Bumper and Winter: We’re mutts about these corgis who operate as a trio and also enjoy swimming pools.
  • Jack: He’s a Great Pyrenees and loves the pines.This white floof may scare the UPS driver but he’s a lover not a fighter. Naps seem to be his favorite pastime. Same.

Bonus: Follow @spgrowlerdogs to see Izzy the Weimaraner / mascot as well as other doggos who visit the growler shop.

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