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Two women in workout clothes

Jennifer (left) and Wendy (right) looking cute before they started their latest GRIT class. Ten minutes in, they were a hot mess. Don’t tell them we said that.

In two words, really hard. In more than one word, challenging, but worth it. After four weeks in FirstHealth’s ass-kicking fitness and nutrition series, Jennifer measured an inch smaller in her waist and hips, and Wendy lost 1.5 inches total. And both ladies can do more push-ups per minute than when they first started.

Since we introduced the two women, they have grown stronger and more toned, so much so they’re already looking forward to the next GRIT installment. And the nutrition plan, which even included a few deliveries from Supper Meals Sandhills, was a nice bonus.

Seeing and feeling the results gives you the motivation to rework your schedule around the class (instead of the other way around), and even squeeze another gym session in the time you’d usually use to take a nap.

Have questions? Call group fitness coordinator Jodi Heimrich at 910-715-1843.

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