In GoThiSway, WerkThiSway

Introducing #werkthisway, a series featuring first-person accounts of experiences that push us out of our comfort zone. Today, a review of a dance fit class by Marcella Lincicome, who has been a practicing #fitnessjunkie since her days playing collegiate lacrosse. She has tried running and spin and body pump, and really likes yoga, HIIT and snowboarding. Last week, she danced herself silly at Forte Fitness for the first time — and gave the class an honest review.

I want to hate her. But the impossibly gorgeous, tall and buff fitness instructor that is Brandi Martin proves to be positively electric, with a cheerleader smile that soon wins me over. My head-to-toe Lululemon soccer mom gear, however, definitely stands out amongst the chic black, animal print and strategically shredded spandex. As I’m pondering my shortcomings, an older and wiser Forte veteran gives me a pep talk — ok, I think, so there’s room here for all generations.

When Brandi rockets to stage, I realize these ladies are here to work. I haven’t danced without liquid courage in 20 years, but hell, why not? Then Brandi pulls on a trucker hat and the real workout goes down, with sequences that make Beyonce look mediocre. Students improvise on stage, my heart rate hits 160, I’m thankful no one cares I’m 10 steps behind. And grinning my ass off.

Post workout, the crowd of more than 40 gals is soaked and buzzing as Brandi explains that even on the wrong foot, you are burning mad calories. So, how many sessions exactly before I look like Brandi? I probably don’t want to know the answer.

Next time, Marcella attempts to survive Pure Barre’s new high-intensity cardio class.

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