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When I realized I was headed to a chiropractor for my very first adjustment, I was so pumped that I texted my friends the night before to tell them the news. After years of asking people to push on my back and crack it like a weirdo, I couldn’t wait to see what it’d be like to be checked out by a pro at Zeh Chiropractic.

What Was Wrong With Me

During a consultation, Dr. Zeh did a physical exam and determined that my spine had a slight curve. He surmised that I’d experienced some whiplash — before he knew that I had been involved in a car accident a year and a half ago. My hips were misaligned, making my right leg .25 inches shorter than my left.

Minutes later, X-rays confirmed his theory. My spine has a pretty wicked curve, and my neck was basically stuck in a permanent “HUH?” position.

Left: My spine. Right: An upright spine.
Left: My neck post-whiplash. Right: Normal neck

Dr. Zeh told me chiropractors look for a subluxation, or injured joint that’s not moving properly — because that’s what kicks off the process of degeneration. He was able to pinpoint injured joints by poking around my spine and testing the flexibility of my neck.

The Adjustment

His assistant, Kristin, escorted me to a room with beds that I’d lay on to loosen up my muscles before the adjustment. The bed contains rollers that move up and down your back to loosen your muscles.

To align my hips, I laid on my side and crossed one leg over another as he pushed downward.

Dr. Zeh then told me to move my arms and legs in different positions and he went to work adjusting my uneven hips. Imagine listening to someone step on a plastic water bottle. Now, imagine that sound coming from your joints — it’s both cringy, yet satisfying. Once he finished, he pulled both of my legs to prove that the .25 deficit in my right leg no longer existed.

The sound of adjusting my back wasn’t quite as loud. After the adjustment, I felt relief underneath my shoulder blades.

Dr. Zeh told me some exercises and stretches I could do to help my issues. He recommended placing my hand on top of my head and pulling it to each side slightly to stretch my neck. He also encouraged me to strengthen my neck flexors (the muscles on the sides of the neck) by retracting my chin. Picture forcing your head back to form about 15 chins. The stronger the neck flexors, the easier it is to maintain good posture.

Despite my minor subluxations, Dr. Zeh put me on a customized treatment plan, as he will do for you, on your second visit. Scheduling is quick and easy, and their hours are accommodating.

BRB, starting a petition to get a hydromassage bed in my office’s break room.

An added bonus to the adjustment? His assistant led me to a hydromassage bed post cracking to massage my muscles.

The Aftermath

I left Dr. Zeh’s office with a better understanding of my joints and the negative effects of poor posture. I also left with even hips, which I’m convinced has increased my flexibility.

My trip to the chiropractor fulfilled all of my back-cracking dreams. I asked Dr. Zeh how long I’d have to go to school to become a chiropractor, but — gasp — it’s a really long time. I guess I’ll just stick to writing about them for now. 

To learn more about Zeh Chiropractic, visit their website or give them a call to to make an appointment at (910)-246-0606.

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