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I arrived at the field house at the National Athletic Village (NAV) to find jump ropes, hurdles, resistance bands and weights meticulously laid out on the floor. I knew then that I wouldn’t be returning to work from this lunch break without a shower.

After a few rounds of high knees and butt kicks, the trainer and instructor, Kristen, explained that we’d begin Lunch Break Blast with some circuit training exercises. Each circuit consisted of strength-building moves like squats and toe taps, mixed in with cardio. We were to do each circuit as many times as we could in five minutes and then rotate to the next circuit.

Twenty minutes into class, I caught a glimpse of my tomato face — AKA the true sign that a workout is doing its job. Our trainer, Kristen Seiler, then spoke the four dreaded letters: EMOM. For those of you uninitiated to torture, that stands for Every Minute On the Minute.

By the time hurdle taps rolled around, I was in the zone. I was kicking and tapping and feeling like a real, true champion until IT happened. What I thought was my speed and agility making itself known for the first time in years was really just my clumsiness resurfacing. Yes — hurdle taps ended with my butt on the floor and the short hurdle sliding across the room.

The last minute was a blur of sweat and recovering from embarrassment, but like all good things, EMOMs came to and end. Until Kristen announced we were to do it all again.

I left the NAV with my heirloom tomato face and a workout under my belt that I’d definitely feel the next day. Kristen, you really do know how to make a girl feel pain — now and later.

For more information on the NAV and the classes they offer, check out the website.

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