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Since opening almost four years ago, the Design Market of the Sandhills has used its 37,000 square feet of space to serve as a creative hub for everyone from seamstresses to interior designers.

Spending less than 30 minutes in the Design Market is nearly impossible. The marketplace houses merchandise from a variety of vendors and consigners, as well as brand-new pieces.

A Look at the Vendors

The Design Market currently hosts more than 30 vendors. You can find everything from an in-house seamstress and upholsterer, to light fixtures and furniture. Artists often host galleries and classes, authors host book signings, and, on some days, you might find a cat or kitten to adopt.

You’ll need a boost after making your way through the massive store. Titi’s Coffee Cafe has coffee, art and more.

The Design Market’s list of vendors isn’t limited to interior design. In the back of the store, you’ll stumble across Titi’s CBD infused coffee, Yum Yum’s Chocolates and The Village Soapsmith. By renting a space in the market, these small businesses benefit from not having to hire staff or maintain costly storefronts.

Living on the Bliss boutique, which once occupied a spot on Broad Street, has recently re-opened in the form of a booth in the Design Market’s showroom.

Bonnie Howard of The Village Soapsmith sells her homemade soaps at the Design Market. She rented a small booth when it opened four years ago, and shortly upgraded to a larger one.

The Village Soapsmith offers everything from homemade soaps to skincare products.

“I used to make the soaps in my home, but as you can see it’s a bit much for a house,” Bonnie says. “It’s nice because I can have my workspace in the back here and set up my shop in the front.”

Market manager Jessica Yockey is primarily responsible for jurying the vendors to ensure there’s never too much of the same.

“We can’t be all things to all people, but at least we can have a variety,” Jessica says.

The Consignment Side

According to Jessica, about 25 to 30 percent of merchandise in the Design Market is there on consignment, with the market accepting consigners based on what the store already has in stock and what they need.

“We get new merchandise in every single day,” Jessica says. “We do focus a little more on the interior design aspect with consignment.”

That means they fill in the consignment gap with pieces that owner Kathryn King selects from the High Point furniture market each year.

Part of Jessica’s job is to help Kathryn with staging the furniture so customers can visualize what different pieces will look like put together.

“It’s a great space here,” Jessica says. “We have a lot to choose from, but there’s also so much potential.”

The Design Market of the Sandhills is open seven days a week. Check them out on Facebook for more information on their current vendors and stock.

Those interested in consigning at the Design Market or becoming a vendor can email photos to Jessica at designmarket3086@gmail.com, or visit the market in person.

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