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A Very Merry Thriftmas

We’re way past popping tags at the thrift shop and entirely in our secondhand aesthetic era. Thrifting isn’t just for reviving personal style (ok but put the low-rise jeans back). Add stops at your local secondhand and consignment stores for holiday shopping. Get in bestie, we’re making Thriftmas happen. 

Bagz Will Make Her Dance
For the girlie on a budget, consider thrifting a leather purse. If you can’t commit to secondhand luxury, it’s all Gucci. There are many quality, practical, and statement bags just waiting to be snatched up and re-homed. Pay attention to details like metal hardware, interior fabric and, of course, check the pockets for forgotten coastal Grandma cash.

Revamp a Pinterest Paradise
Scavenge the home section for accent pieces for any aesthetic. Look for interesting trinkets or anything you can stick a house plant in. Shopping for an artsy type? Look for vintage frames you can put an art print in to get a glam look on a budget. 

Candles and candle holders.
Add to the vintage va-va-voom with thrifted candles and holders. Sometimes you can find perfectly new candle sticks in assorted colors. Wrap ‘em up in some twine and make it look like a customized set. Candlestick holders are another timeless accessory you can throw in the mix. Add a fun box of matches and you’ve got a fire gift.     

Nobody Gets Board of Cheese
Thrift stores are graveyards of platters, wooden boards, dishes, and fancy-looking cutlery that can be brought back to life as a charcuterie set. Give the wares a good wash, look for 925 engraved on silverware and relish the validation as your gift makes it in the Christmas Present Instagram Story. Find a cute basket and fill it with cutting boards, cheese knives, cookbooks and more.     

Bad and Babushka
Feeling like you’re better than everyone yet? Stroll over to the basket of scarves because we’re also thrifting the gift wrap. Check the tags for silk or cashmere because you know what you’re doing. Make sure the piece is wide and long enough to swath your treasure. If you’re feeling extra, make the scarf match the giftee’s personality. The best part of this sustainable option (besides saving trees) is its stylish functionality. The recipient can use the scarf to add a splash of color tied to a bag or as a headband for a pinup model off-duty look. 

Brooch yourself 
While we’re spreading festive cheer, don’t forget the sparkle. You probably won’t find any precious stones and solid gold in the 25-cent jewelry basket, but there are plenty of hidden gems. Roll up those sleeves and get to digging. Similar to a scarf, a thrifted brooch can carry the team. For holiday purposes, pin it to your scarf-wrapped gift or to stockings for extra razzle dazzle. In the off-season a brooch can be worn on blouses, coats, bags, hats and scarves. We’re the type that adds an accessory before we head out the door. 

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