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Our Maximalist’s Guide to Thrifting and Resell in Moore County

When it comes to housework, there are two extremes: Those who own two Roombas and an electric steam mop, and those who only find inspiration to de-clutter after binge-watching an episode of Hoarders. From ‘fits to furniture here’s where those of us dedicated to curated maximalism can continue growing our precious collections:

A Bit of Couture

Thrifting in Moore County

A Bit Couture is an upscale consignment with brand-name clothing and trendy furniture. Finds on a recent day included a farmhouse table and chairs for $400.

Located at 1728 NC Highway 5, Aberdeen.

For more information call 910-295-7060.

A Treasure Alley

A Treasure Alley is a consignment who is of the belief that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. They offer new and gently uses antiques, jewelry, collectibles and more.

Located at 113 W Main St, Aberdeen.

For more information call 910-944-1791.

Barn Door

thrifting in moore county

Barn Door Consignments sells new and gently used equestrian equipment, apparel, furniture, and more. Perfect for the cowboys and cowgirls on a budget.

Located at 104 Knight Street, Aberdeen.

For more information call 910-944-5011.

Black Castle

thrifting in moore county

Black Castle Books is a used bookstore with a wide range of genres. Trade in your old Sway book club picks for new finds or pick up some oldies.

Located at 952 Old US Hwy 1, Southern Pines.

For more information call 910-725-0197.

Com. Thrift

thrifting in moore county

Community Thrift Store offers a variety of items from clothes and books to finds like pianos and typewriters.

Located at 1680 NC Hwy 5 Suite 135, Aberdeen.

For more information call 910-420-1002.

Daisy Daydream

thrifting in moore county

Daisy Daydream is a vintage shop with retro vibes that’ll transport you back to the 70s. The shop also hosts events and pop-ups.

Located at 128 W Pennsylvania Ave, Southern Pines.

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Design Market

thrifting in Moore County

Design Market features a mix of businesses and is home to new, consignment, antique, vintage and designer furniture and artistic up-cycles.

Located at 3086 NC Hwy 5 Aberdeen, NC.

For more information call 910-420-1861.

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Eclectic on 5

Eclectic on 5 is a boutique thrift store with a variety of items like… Rugs? Jewelry? Antiques? Accessories? Check, check, check and check. 

Located at 1460 Hwy 5, Pinehurst.

For more information call 910-420-2974.

Em. Episcopal

thrifting in moore county

Emmanuel Episcopal, the shop that calls itself the “best kept secret in Moore County.” You might still find something your great grandma donated 90 years ago when they opened.

Located at 177 NE Broad St, Southern Pines.

For more information call 910-692-8962.


thrifting in moore county

Goodwill Industries is a thrift store with furniture, home goods, and clothing. Good deals are to be had, but it requires searching — clothing is arranged by color, not by size. 

Located at 115 Commerce Ave, Southern Pines.

For more information call 910-693-3681.

Habitat ReStore

Thrifting in Moore County

Habitat ReStore is a discount home improvement store. We think this shop really shines in its selection of doors, windows, and other odds and ends for your ongoing she-shed project.

Located at 2268 NC Highway 5, Aberdeen.

For more information call 910-295-2798.

Helping Orphans

thrifting in moore county

Helping The Orphans is a thrift and consignment store where you’ll find used coats and cheap scrubs along with hidden gems from Banana Republic and Ann Taylor.

304 S Sandhills Blvd, Aberdeen.

For more information call 910-947-3443.


thrifting in Moore county

Pastimes is an antique and furniture reseller that offers a unique selection from years past. Pass the time with a little time travel.

Located at 101 Perry Drive, Southern Pines.

For more information call 910-673-2065.

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PB Peddler

thrifting in moore county

Pinebluff Peddler, a tiny building in a tiny town, with a huge selection of furniture, dishes and more. 

Located at 240 N Walnut St, Pinebluff.

For more information call 910-281-5211.

Practical Posh

thrifting in moore county

Practical Posh is a furniture store that carries vintage and thrift. They even offer to ship small items directly to you.

Located at 105 McReynolds St., Carthage.

For more information call 910-783-8689.


Thrifting in moore county

Re-Souled Vintage is a vintage thrift. They often pop up at events around town, but if you’re a homebody, shop their Instagram.

Located at 105 W. South St., Aberdeen.

The Bee’s Knees

thrifting in moore county

The Bee’s Knees is a stone-covered antique and thrift shop dedicated to financially supporting local non-profits and showcasing local artists.

Located at 125 NC Hwy 73, Eastwood.

For more information call 910-420-8970.

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The Coalition

thrifting in moore county

The Coalition has books for spare change to puzzles, games, a little bit of furniture and a separate shop for clothing.

Located at 1117 W. Pennsylvania Ave, Southern Pines.

For more information call 910-246-9845.

The Puzzle Piece

thrifting in moore county

The Puzzle Piece is a house-turned resale store and boutique that sells everything and anything. It’s owned by veterans who donate proceeds to autism research in honor of their son.

Located at 1579 Rays Bridge Rd, Whispering Pines.

For more information call 910-688-7119.

Turning Point

thrifting in moore county

Turning Point Thrift offers gently used clothes from $.50 to $3, so grab the hammer and your piggy bank. They also carry furniture, toys, and more.

Located at 110 McReynolds St., Carthage.

For more information call 910-691-9666.

The Warehouse

The Warehouse was created by a yard sale, estate sale, and auction junkie. Find country junk, antiques, shabby chics, and privative Christmas decor.

Located at 7297 Hwy 15-501, Carthage.

For more information call 910-639-1303.

WP Thrift Shop

Whispering Pines Thrift Shop has a variety of items from furniture to Halloween gear. They also offer 25-cent tees and a 50 cent rack (you’re a hustler) every day.

Located at 3199 Vass Carthage Rd., Carthage.

For more information call 910-949-2800.

Vintage Barn

The Vintage Barn will have you sayin’ yee-haw because they sell everything from hats to lingerie, coats, costume jewelry, cowboy boots and more.

Located at 108 McReynolds St. Carthage.

For more information call 919-924-7260.

Once Upon A Child

Once Upon a Child sells gently used clothes, toys and baby gear. No more dilemmas wondering if the designer baby outfit that will be outgrown in two months is worth breaking the bank. 

Located at 180 Commerce Ave, Southern Pines.

For more information call 910-684-8970.

Midway Thrift

Photo courtsey of Midway Thrift.

Midway Thrift is a cash-only store that the owner describes as “Cheaper than 95% of thrift stores,” He has everything from comics to clothes. This store is only open on Fridays, so mark your calendar.

Located at 10992 NC-24 27 Hwy, Carthage.

For more information call (910) 280-5643.

Vendor Markets

Flirty Birdie

Flirty Birdie Vintage has decor, gifts and even picture frames, so you can display pictures of yourself excited about the things you just got. 

Located at 1680 NC 5 Suite 130, Aberdeen.

Antiquely Chic

Antiquely Chic has home decor, candles and more to make your house Instagram worthy. 

Located at 136 Lea Rd, West End.

For more information call (910) 215-0447.

Pop Up in The Pines

Pop Up in The Pines is a mini market series that pops up different dates throughout the year. They have food, clothes, gifts and more.

Located at  490 SW Broad St., Southern Pines. 

For more information call (910) 639-9036.

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If we missed your go to shop for thrifting in Moore County or you’re interested in advertising your store on this page email us at hello@itsthesway.com.

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