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Avoiding people you know while running errands could be an olympic sport in Moore County. As much as I cherish Southern Pines as a place to call home, everyone needs a little vacation occasionally. Lately I feel like I’m on the “It’s a Small World” ride and I can’t get off. 

I just got back from a trip abroad to visit some friends who moved last year on military orders. 

I spent eight days taking Europe by storm. We bounced around various cities and countries, conquered the trains and tried lots (and I mean lots) of food. You know, for the culture.

Before one of our day trips we stopped at a store and decided to grab smoothies on our way out. What happened next can only be described as something out of a 90s sitcom or, in more contemporary culture, the Spiderman meme. 

Actual photo of the three of us.

I turn around and see a familiar looking guy walking out of a coffee shop across the way. Then it hit me. “Hey, I know you,” I called out. As he walked over, his friend emerged behind him. “Wait a second — I know you too,” I said. 

Then the typical “What’re you doing here?” questions were exchanged. I had to fight back my laughter because of course I would see two people I knew in a foreign country— while wearing, of all the things, my Southern Pines Brewing Co. sweatshirt I threw on for what was supposed to be a quick store run. 

They say all roads lead to Ft. Bragg. In my world it seems everyone is just one degree away from Moore County too. Luckily, I feel confident in saying it’s a nice place to have in common with people.

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