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You might not be the MVP of charcuterie boards, but you can kill the snack game with takeout from these local restaurants. Because in the end, everyone is just happy that someone brought something other than another plate of quickly browning guacamole.

:: Legend’s Bar & Grill: See if the wings live up to their slogan with a takeout platter of the “best darn wings in town.” Warning: they aren’t taking large orders day-of.

:: Maxie’s Grill & Tap Room: Pre-order wings, barbecue or brisket from Maxie’s. Call 910-420-2181 to place your order. We doubt you’ll have any leftovers after the game.

:: SoPies Pizza: You can’t go wrong with an XL pizza from SoPies. Get two XL cheese pies for $27.99 for their Sunday tailgate special.

:: Kickback Jack’s: Pre-order your wing platters ASAP and please the whole crowd.

:: CharBar7: Order 25 wings for $23.95 or get an order of 100 wings for $89.95.

Pictured: Wings from the Bell Tree

:: The Bell Tree Tavern: Their reuben egg rolls are a bigger game changer than the Patriots finally sitting a Super Bowl out. Call ahead for all takeout orders or order online.

:: Time Out Sports Grill: Get yourself a Big Barn Box for $32. The box includes 20 wings, a large fry, two pulled pork sandwiches and two ranches.

In the battle between burnt pigs in a blanket and takeout chicken wings, the wings always win. Trust us.

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