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Teaching little Aeighdenn phonics has probably made you realize that and Teacher Appreciation Week should last longer than four days. Show your love and gratitude for the ones whose patience level surpasses everyone else’s while supporting local businesses.

Teacher Appreciation Specials

:: Jack Hadden Floral: They’re offering special teacher appreciation bouquets. Pick up starts at $25. Receive delivery with orders of $35 or more.

High Octane: Get a free drip coffee, or 10 percent off specialty coffees.

:: Swank: Since caffeine is of the utmost importance, take advantage of Swank’s teacher gift card packs. Get four $5 gift cards for $15. Offer ends on May 8.

:: The Country Bookshop: They’ll be delivering gift cards to teachers all week long.

:: Pine Scone Cafe: Pine Scone is offering a free, specially-wrapped scone with every gift card purchased for teachers.

Other Gift Ideas

:: Pink of the Pines: Pick up a fun agenda, notepad set or pair of wine glasses from Pink of the Pines. Two months of homeschooling has taught you that the wine glasses will be put to great use.

:: Mockingbird on Broad: Place your online order for the Workplace Shenanigans pencil set. Each pencil is embossed with the day-to-day thoughts of a person who spends their days with your children.

:: Against the Grain Shoppe: Papers to grade, children to teach — your teacher has a lot to do and not much time. Offer up a little motivation with this mug.

:: Oak & Oliver: Make your contribution to post-school relaxation time with a candle from Oak & Oliver.

:: C. Cups: Because cupcakes can’t make up for you child’s misbehavior during the language arts lesson, but they can at least soften the blow. C. Cups is offering curbside pickup and delivery at their Pinehurst and Southern Pines locations.

:: Sage Harvest Gourmet Jerky: With enough kids at home to have a class party, these small business owners know what it means to appreciate teachers. They’ll even deliver your jerky order to your kids’ school.

:: A Gift Card from a Local Restaurant: Food is always the answer. Always.

To see what local retailers are offering curbside pickup or delivery, check out this list. In the mean time, raise your glass to those who somehow manage to explain the “I before E” — among many, many other things. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

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