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You’ve got the outfit. Now, what to eat?
Here’s what’s coming to Eats, Beats and Brews this Saturday. 


1. Fried chicken pairs best with a fluffy waffle, but it’s even sweeter with a red velvet waffle from Babann’s Southern Fried Chicken. Our mouths are watering at the thought of that icing.

2.  If you’re looking for a lil heat and a lot of flavor (what else would you want on a Saturday evening), R.Burger is bringing their specialty jalapeño Colby-jack burger out this weekend.

3. Veteran-owned Chewy’s Smokin’ BBQ has a special cuban style BBQ sandwich on the menu, which might just be best cuban sandwich this side of Florida.

4. With pickled onion and cucumber, and cilantro, One Nine Drive‘s Tikka wrap is always a refreshing choice on a warm day.

5. The roast beef and brie from The Market Place Restaurant; beef, brie, on a buttery croissant… say no more.

6. Why do people say “you’re so vanilla,” like that’s a bad thing? Classic vanilla gelato from Twisted Treats always hits the spot, but they’ll also bring some exciting flavors for those who don’t stick to the classics.

Find all of the above, and more, at Eats, Beats and Brews this weekend.

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