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Designed by Mandee Dieguez and built by Druther Homes these fraternal-twin homes on E. New Jersey Ave. in Southern Pines have similar floor plans but different vibes. We’ve dubbed them the black house and the white house, and they’re equally as dreamy. Allow us to give you a tour.

The Black House

*All photos of this home were taken by Kim Lyons Photography.

Joseph Druther of Druther Homes said he was a little skeptical about painting a house such a dark color. Druther took to Facebook to poll the public on whether or not they’d live in a black house. To Joseph’s surprise, 95 percent of those who responded to the poll checked yes.

Mandee described design of the black house as “mid-century modern,” choosing dark features and sleek light fixtures.

“I typically decide what I want the overall feel of the house first. I make mood boards and then go from there,” she said.

The exterior color is echoed throughout the home, including in the bathroom accents.

If you thought you were trendy by having one sliding barn door, think again. You can find a barn door downstairs in the kitchen area, as well as upstairs in this master bedroom. The bedroom also includes a balcony entrance.

The black house is currently available for rent via Trulia and Zillow. Feel free to contact the owner, JT, at 233-205-7380.

The White House

When creating the mood board for the white house, Mandee went for a “California casual” vibe that she calls “light and airy.”

Lighter colors and bohemian-style light fixtures set the mood in the kitchen.

One thing Mandee really wanted in the space was more storage since the house doesn’t boast a ton of square footage. The storage benches in the dining nook provide extra room.

The light and airy look carries into the downstairs bathroom, which features dark and light blue accents and gold fixtures.

The upstairs master bedroom features the same balcony entrance as the black house.

According to Jonathan, Druther Home had to keep space in mind when crafting the floor plans of the black and white houses. The lots themselves weren’t huge, so creativity played a role in the floor plans of these fraternal-twin homes.

Mandee joined Druther in 2018, and so far, has designed eight homes. She’s also the founder and owner of Casual Collective Co. — a curated homewares shop that features pieces from across the globe.

To learn more about Mandee’s work, check out her Instagram for more dreamy designs. Interested in learning more about Druther’s Home Buyers? Check them out here.

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