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Epicenter Festival came to the Rockingham Dragway on Mother’s Day weekend, bringing with it massive crowds, traffic congestion, and fans who were mad about last-minute $1 tickets before storms forced the cancellation of Saturday night’s headliners.

But on Sunday, the clouds cleared, traffic flowed smoothly, bands performed on schedule, and we saw how good Epicenter Festival could be in years to come. Here’s our photos from the final (and best) day.

First, The Looks.

From the Tame,


To the Typical.


From the Over-the-Top…

Epicenter Festival

To the Dear God, Why.


From this Wholesome Cast …


… To These Guys.

Epicenter Festival

Now, the Crowds.

Because only SeRiOus NeWS OUtlEts are allowed to point their cameras at the bands.

We Have the Barricade Supporters …


The Crowd Surfers…


The Moshers…


And Those Just There to Take it All In.

And Finally, Sunset.

And everything you would imagine happens here after dark. Along with, of course, pyrotechnics.

Were you there? Email your photos to hello@itsthesway.com to see them shared here.

See the full lineup on Epicenter’s website; for more photos, follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Also check out the best eats from the Festival here:

All photos by Abbi Overfelt | The Sway.

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