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Headin’ Down South

Darius Rucker, obviously celebrating a hole-in-one. | Photo by Jenn Devereaux

To the Land of the Pines. Yes, the one who started a second career by singing the line you probably have on a bumper sticker is coming to Pinehurst. Darius Rucker will host the 2024 World Golf Hall of Fame Induction and celebrate its 50th anniversary on Monday, June 10.

“Golf is my biggest passion outside of music, so it’s an honor to be invited to be part of such a significant event for the sport,” Rucker told the USGA. “I love the course at Pinehurst and can’t wait to celebrate this year’s inductees.”

We’re not sure what “hosting” means, or how much stage time he’ll get. But you might just get to hear one of the most famous covers of a song that is played every night at every bar. We’re hoping for “Only Wanna Be With You,” but there was no mention of the Blowfish.

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