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The former kids’ consignment shop, on the corner of Bennett Street and Pennsylvania Avenue in Southern Pines, is being reborn as Fish Co. — a spot for booze and small seafood bites. The new sushi spot will open its doors for business on Monday.

Fish Co. is the new baby of Scott Wolcott, the chef/owner of — you guessed it — Wolcott’s. He’d been eyeing the spot for years as a place where his patrons could grab a drink while waiting for a table, and when Siblings closed its doors, Scott snatched the space up.

An extension of Scott’s original idea, Fish Co. will offer a limited selection of alcohol as well as sushi rolls, nigiri, noodle bowls, sashimi and fresh takes on spring rolls in a counter-service format. The seafood will come straight from Hawaii, where Scott says he’ll be able to source it fresher and quicker than he could from the East Coast.

The sushi bar will be open from 11-10, Monday through Saturday, and from 11-4 on Sunday. Selections will be offered at the bar and to-go. The catch (heh)? The spot has just 18 seats, and no reservations will be accepted.

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