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Whether you’re in your girl boss era, looking to make friends or just really like a Tuesday evening outing, you may have heard of Small Town Social. The networking/friend building group is exclusively for women looking to make connections. The socials are always free (unless you choose to buy a beverage) and rotate to different local businesses each month. Small Town Social turns 6 in March, but the group is always changing and expanding so there’s no need to feel like you missed your “in.” 

Liz Fleming (Center Bottom) and attendees at the the Nov. 12, 2023 Small Town Social Event at The Wine Cellar

Founder Liz Fleming says, “Working as a publicist for the last 12 years, my sauce is relationship building and networking,” making hosting socials a natural fit for her. In 2024, you can expect to see more than just the once-monthly socials to offer more opportunities to deepen relationships. “It’s really all in response from what women in the community have asked for,” she says.

In 2024, Liz is planning to grow the network into larger events, the first of which will be a ticketed vision board workshop in January. She’s also planning a full day of interactive activities at the Fair Barn in the spring. It’s called G.L.O.W Con — named for an acronym which stands for growing connections, learning something new, opening your heart and winning with other women — and will be a ticketed event including networking, meditations, vision casting, a keynote about the power of relationship building, roundtable discussions, dancing, giveaways and lunch. Around the same time, she also plans to launch a paid membership platform.

And because all of that isn’t enough for this boss babe, Liz is also launching an official fundraiser called Small Town to Small Town with her non-profit partner, The Children’s Legacy Partnership, which primarily provides educational support to young women around the world. “It’s really important to me for small town to give back,” says Liz.

You can also expect to see some Small Town Social merch rolling out soon, which Liz hopes will double as a conversation starter.

If you’re interested in seeing where/when Small Town Social is next you can connect via Instagram, Facebook or the website. The last for social for the year is scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 12, 5-7 p.m. at the NorthSouth Bar in Pinehurst.

“It’s truly for all women,” says Liz, “Not just military spouses or moms or business owners. You’re welcome here. The goal is to make friends and connections. We see such a wide range of women come to the socials and it’s because friendship is timeless. You can make friends at any age.”

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