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If you’ve driven through the Southern Pines intersection of Old U.S. 1 and Morganton Road, then you’re as excited as we are for the progress on Red’s Corner — the new food truck campus by Rachel Jurgens, owner of drive-thru coffee shop Pony Espresso. 

But the site is more than what meets the eye from the road. It’s kinda business in the front, party in the back.

“Most people seem to think the food trucks will be parked up front,” Rachel says, “but they will be in the back, away from the cars and noise.”

The outdoor bar will face the truck parking area, and be stocked with mismatched furniture and glasses sourced from thrift and antique stores to create an eclectic vibe. Rachel also plans to fill the space with a fire pit or two, picnic tables, a pergola, and — drumroll, please — a playground.

While food trucks will come and go, a handful have announced Red’s Corner as their home base: 

  • Bayou in the Pines: Chef Adam Roth has been serving locals via his catering business for months, but will expand his efforts to a food truck, which he expects to arrive in March. Follow him on IG here.
  • Cookies-n-Moore: Owned byLauren Cabral and Harper Wilmoth, this truck has been slinging hot cookies and cold ice cream sandwiches since last summer. Follow the Insta here.
  • Mas-A-Wrap Filipino and Asian: Mary Ann Brown, a native of thePhilippines, has already made her truck a regular at the Pony Espresso lot and now it’ll be at Red’s Corner five days a week. Track the menu on FB.
  • The Breakfast Truck: This brand-new truck has no social media. We like the name even though we bet they won’t stock our favorite breakfast food, a culinary wonder we like to call The Cold Pizza and Three Handfuls of Dry Cereal.

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