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At Jolivier Pottery’s Intuitive Pottery Workshops, it’s All About Trusting the Process

A good story doesn’t just skip straight to the conclusion, it takes you through the motions and feelings of a time or event. Michelle Schwarzmann, creator and artisan of Jolivier Pottery, says art is the same way: it’s “about the journey, not the final piece.” That’s why she began Jolivier Pottery’s Intuitive Pottery Workshops, where participants can take an inner journey while creating something new. “Pottery happens to be the medium in this case,” she says, but the concept can be applied to anything. 

Michelle believes clay contains transformative magic, and pulls from many areas of her life for inspiration. “I get ideas from meditating all the time,” she says.  

Workshops intentionally begin with some meditative exercises before breaking out the clay. Going alone? Don’t worry about claying it cool. You’re sure to make friends in the process.

Michelle takes the time to kiln-nect with those in her workshops because being present is important to her. She is also a reiki master, certified yoga teacher and has been in a wellness space for over 15 years.

You can use the 3.5 hour workshop to discover something new about yourself, smudge away negative energy and embrace who you are. Other parts of the workshops include shaping, glazing and journaling. Don’t worry about being glazed and confused; no experience is necessary. You’ll want to wear something comfy and not be afraid to get a little dirty. Believe it or not, sticking your hands into gooey clay can be soothing.

The workshops aren’t continuous in the traditional sense; each workshop has its own theme. The theme of her next workshop is Connection, whether it be to yourself or to others.

What will you be making at Jolivier Pottery’s Intuitive Pottery Workshops?

It depends on the day. Michelle purposely doesn’t disclose what exactly you’ll be crafting, so you can truly be in the moment. After your workshop, expect around a four-week drying and firing process before getting back your pottery.

Where Are Jolivier Pottery’s Intuitive Pottery Workshops Located?

You can join one of these creative sessions at Lavender Home Market, located in downtown Southern Pines at 135 NE Broad Street.

You’ll also find other Jolivier Pottery pieces for sale in the shop. Participants can also get 10% off their entire purchase from Lavender on the day of the workshop. 

The next workshops are Saturday, May 25, 12:30-4 p.m. or Saturday, June 1, 12:30 – 4 p.m. Workshops are $175. Register here or see the flyer.

This article was produced in partnership with Jolivier Pottery.

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