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I showed up to a Yoga Sculpt class at FirstHealth with my yoga mat and bare feet. I was ready to breathe deeply and rest in the sun, but I quickly realized there would be no rest.

To start, you had to get a set of weights: light and heavy.  The class started with some fun, upbeat music and body movement warm ups. We moved through some yoga poses, but it was all way more fast-paced.

We went through a flow combo that I wish I had paid more attention to because it ended up being part of our entire class. After the warm up, we started using the weights.  Pretty much every move did worked two parts of our body, which my heart rate and efficiency mode appreciated.

We did things in sets, so it was easy to get comfortable with the movements. It was also way too easy to dread them. It helped that the Yoga Sculpt instructor, a former NFL cheerleader, was clear, strong, and very encouraging.   

She told us to gear up for two songs of cardio.  It already felt like we were doing cardio and my Apple Watch agreed, but we definitely kicked it up a notch.

Some of the moves were just yoga poses. To transition from sets or exercises, we flowed through downward dog, vinyasa and warrior two. I totally appreciated how the instructor suggested modifications for every move because I quickly needed to modify.

At the end of class, my mat looked like I’d just done a hot yoga class. Yoga Sculpt wasn’t what I expected, but it left me feeling drenched and accomplished.

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