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Back in 2018, we compiled a list of what Moore County REALLY needs. So we figured it was time for a new list on what we still need … because you know, we humans can never be satisfied.

First, a Scroll Down Memory Lane:

Since typing this first list, we’re happy to report that the majority of those things we either now have or are getting very soon.

  • More international food options. While there may never truly be enough, we can now boast that we have multiple Indian food restaurants, Vietnamese food, Greek food trucks and more.
  • Food delivery. Okay, maybe this one hasn’t fully caught on.
  • Another Chick-fil-A. TECHNICALLY, we got this. Not quite what we meant but there is ~another~ one. Next time we’ll be more specific by saying a second Chick-fil-A. Preferably at the other end of the county.
  • Putt-Putt Golf. Done and Done. Well, almost. Have you heard of Wee Pines? It’s in the works.
  • Indoor Market/ Food Hall. We feel Red’s Corner fills the “food hall” category.
  • Ice Cream Trucks. Again, Red’s Corner. Although we haven’t seen one just cruising through neighborhoods. If you hear of any low-speed chases down your street, that’s just us with a hankering for some dairy.
  • More Downtown Wall Art. Just check out our murals list.
  • A Butcher Shop. You can find local organic meats at farmers markets, and meats can be cut to order at a few small businesses — Elliott’s Provisions and Casa Vivi Carniceria & Taqueria.
  • Target. Whether you’re for or against it, it’s being built.
  • A Candy Store. Does a candy cart count?

Now, a List of What We Still Need:

Are they dealbreakers? Absolutely not. But a few of these would be nice.

  • A Parking Deck: Yeah we get it, it can be an eyesore. But you know what? Walking five blocks is a footsore – especially when you’re illegally parked. This is holds true to just about any of our towns during any event. We’re sure it could be made aesthetic or put underground.
  • An Indoor Food Hall: We got a “food hall” of sorts with Red’s Corner. But hear us out … how about an indoor food hall, with multiple stands and maybe an attached space with date night or family activities?
  • A Commuter Train: How cool would it be to travel to your Raleigh office, with great WiFi so you don’t waste the trip? Or just a day trip that doesn’t require driving? There’s talk about it, but of course parking would be an issue. See parking deck above. 
  • Public Boat Rentals: Kayaks, paddleboards, canoes, larger boats? There’s plenty of lakes around here, but not everyone can lug a floating vessel into their apartment, or lift it onto the roof of their car.
  • A group of angel investors: No seriously— we have ideas. Lots of ideas. This is our feeble attempt at hoping someone with money sees this.
  • A Climbing Gym: As much as some of y’all like showing off your athleticism (looking at you, shirtless runners) we don’t know how we don’t have one of these yet. There was talk of one on Air Tool Drive, but that plan fell through.
  • A group of angel investors: No seriously — we have ideas. Lots of ideas. Here’s our feeble attempt at hoping someone with money sees this. Skaters for Moore wants to meet you, too.
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